Why you shouldn't swim with Sperm Whales


In the last couple of days, I came across multiple reports on reckless in-water operations from different parts of the world, and for this, I'm currently preparing another blog post. Swimming with sperm whales is growing in popularity in Dominica, fuelled by wildlife photographers who make encounters seem effortless and who bring everyman in the same spot, given there’s enough money involved. However, these trips are highly unethical and far from good practice as animals are approached way too close and calves get separated from their families. In 2011, I was lucky enough to have a sperm whale encounter myself in Mauritius and from this experience I can say, that this species is not suitable for in-water interactions with mostly inexperienced people. As a deep diving species, they may put swimmers at health risk as the wake that occurs, when the animals do decide to go on a prolonged dive, may pull you down. Sperm whales are massive and territorial animals, and particularly the bulls may get pretty grumpy when they feel threatened. So those are just a few reasons why I cannot really recommend getting into the water with these predators. Disrespectful and unsustainable practices are a different story though and shouldn't be promoted at all.

The small infographic will provide you with the key points, why you should think twice before you seek a swim-with-whales experience with this species.