DeFINitely Hot: Nearly 20 commercial tour operators worldwide are official ‘cetacean-friendly’


What’s not to love about a headline like this? A year after its implementation, the World Cetacean Alliance announced that 19 tour companies offering whale and dolphin watching as well as swim-with programmes are now certified under the unique certification programme! That those 19 tour providers belong to the best worldwide when it comes to creating memorable and informative experiences for their guests while respecting animal welfare.

[nbsp]More people become aware that our presence has impacts on the wildlife we want to encounter while wanting to keep disturbance as minimal as possible. However, it can be difficult for tourists to identify responsible tour operators which is why this certification is so amazing: It testifies the operator made an effort to meet the WCA guidelines and complied with expert advice to make their tours the best they can be. Further, they showed a willingness to contribute to and involve local communities integrating environmental, social and economic sustainability into their businesses.

With the certification badge, it is easier than ever to identify those who go the extra mile in a competitive industry and to do good. Responsible operators also engage in conservation and research projects helping to sustain populations for generations to come and who want to share their passion with you because they love animals and their job!

So where can you find these exceptional tour companies?

- New Zealand

-Costa Rica





-St Lucia

-South Africa




WCA and the team behind the responsible whale and dolphin watching certification programme is working hard to certify more outstanding operators in the future. The tides have turned towards more respectful human-wildlife encounters that ensure the protection of the animals this industry depends on. As tour guests, you are calling the shots.

If you’re an operator and you think you have what it takes to join these 19 amazing companies, please get in touch with WCA who will be happy to take your application to the next level. You can also watch their webinar to see what’s in store for you so we can work together towards more eco-friendly cetacean-focused ventures.