Ask a Scientist: What if I want to swim with...Seals?


-Seals are highly interactive so chances are good they are approaching you first. For this, stay calm and keep your hands close to your body as particularly juveniles can be in the mood for nibbling. Just like dogs they have quite sharp teeth.

-Therefore: don’t touch! Reaching out can put your arms in an undesirable position, which is a seals’ mouth!

-Make sure you’re focused, especially when there are many animals around you.

-Never chase a seal. Depending on the species you may be then chased by the so-called beach master. Sounds massive? It surely is! But don’t worry. When you’re behaving it is unlikely you’ll get in touch with him. Male seals are not known to be very interactive.

-Taking pictures while experiencing animals at short range is very popular and it’s a great way to take some memories back home. For this, please make sure your flash is turned off at any times as it may startle the animal.